Meckerziege (gelbes_gilatier) wrote in penguins_rock,

Picture search


Hope this is allowed here. I have a question for a certain (animated) picture my sister, schnelmi, is desperately searching for because she'd love to have it as an icon. It's the one where one penguin walks past another one and falls face forward into the water. It's been manipulated to look like the second penguin is kind of pushing the first penguin. Does anyone here have an idea where she could find it or maybe even has a URL for it? We'd both be most grateful ;)

Edit: YouTube-video of the scene I mean.

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that's actually one of my icons. you can totally steal it. <3
Oh, thank you! I'll tell her ;)
you're welcome! :)

Deleted comment

Thank you, too :D

Lots of helpful people here :)